Hemp News: Kannaway Opens New Dallas Regional Office Selling Cannabis For Medical Use

The last 24 hours has been very exciting for Kannaway. They received a valuation from $119.6-242.7 Million Valuation by Houlihan Capital which locked down the purchase of the company by Medical Marijuana Inc. (Full Release)

Medical Marijuana

Yesterday at a press conference in Dallas, I watched as Kannaway announced the opening of their new Dallas regional office. This is a new business strategy lead by Dallas real estate broker, Wes Bishop.

Bishop in his career, has sold over $350 million in real estate and has agreed to help Kannaway acquire prime real estate in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and other strategic locations as Kannaway expands from their current Southern California headquarters.

At yesterday’s press conference, news crews from all around Dallas attended to learn, not only about Kannaway but about four-year-old Harper Howard became the local example of the benefits of using cannabis hemp oil. Her seizures are decreased, according to her mother, due to the cannabis hemp oil she takes orally.


Although it’ still too early to know how this new business strategy will work, the one thing that is clear… Hemp is here to stay, and people are being helped by the benefits of the Cannabis plant.

Full Article from CBS DFW!

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Home Business Weekly News Report: 2015 Business Trends & Herbalife Battle Continues

Herbalife disciplines 600 independent reps for violating their polices and procedures on income and health claims. This is a bold move and goes against what the short-sellers and critics have been saying “Herbalife turns a blind eye!”

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Looking for loopholes comes naturally for those of us in business today. Actually it starts long before we get into business. It starts, when we are kids, and we look for loopholes in doing our homework, being home by curfew, or even cheating on our tests. I think it boils down to the fact, we never learn the dif- ference in the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law.”

Shakespeare wrote several plays dealing with the letter vs. spirit antithesis, most times coming down on the side of “spirit.” We can even see this issue when it comes to the interpretations of the U.S. Constitution which have historically divided on the “Letter vs. Spirit” debate.

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Even when facing uncertainty, some home business professionals know how to anticipate the unforeseen, plan a response, and continue navigating towards success. Why can’t you can do the same!

Sooner or later, every home business entrepreneur faces disruption in their business. It can be caused by a downward slide in the competitive edge, a shift in the regulatory environment, or their marketing company cutting the compensation. No matter what the underlying cause, the home business entrepreneur must learn to manage the disruption.

Don't Bury Your Head In The Sand

The most successful home business entrepreneurs don’t stick their head in the sand, leaving their assets exposed. Instead they go in flying high reviewing all the dynamics of their business, and create a plan for the worst case situation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT talking about going around crying “the sky is falling.” I am talking about a laser focus on where you want your business to go, and making sure NOTHING will stand in the way.

Start With Why! What Does That Really Mean?

In network marketing we hear the question “What’s your why?” Yet have you ever really given much thought as to what the question really means to you or even how to even figure it out?

However, this is not a question we hear from the guidance counselor when we enroll for college, nor do we hear it from the HR Director when they interview us for a job. So, to hear it when we are looking to start a home business, may catch us by surprise and the answer we give may not be accurate.

If we do not know our WHY, then we are bound to repeat some of the same mistakes that have caused us frustrations in the past. Such as not fulfilling our goals, quitting at the first sign of rejection or worse yet, disappearing completely because we do not want folks to think we have failed once again.

So, how can we find the real answer to the question “What is your WHY?” I say we start with realizing what the basic question is asking.

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Brandjacking is an activity whereby someone acquires or otherwise assumes the online identity of another entity for the purposes of acquiring that person’s or business’s brand equity.


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