The Leadership Challenge After 25 Years and Five Additions, Leadership is More Than Just a Fad!

For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge has been the most trusted source on becoming a better leader, selling more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since its first publication.


1. Challenge The Process

2. Inspire a Shared Vision

3. Enable Others To Act

4. Model The Way

5. Encourage The Heart

Many times I am asked what it takes to succeed in life. Not just our personal life, but our professional life as well. For decades, maybe generations people were taught to separate these two areas of their life. Through reading The Leadership Challenge a few years ago, I realized that my life – All Of My Life is tied to the above five specific areas of discipline.

Now, 25 years after the first additional was written, you can enjoy what Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have to share in this newest addition.


Now, you can also take your Leadership Challenge Experience even deeper with the all new Leadership Challenge workbook!


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