Home Based And Small Business News: Rodan & Fields NOT For Sale, Network Marketing Banned!

Welcome to this addition of the Home-Based and Small Business News & Info report. My objective is to provide this community with news and info that can help you build a successful enterprise no matter how large or small.

Fortune Magazine has released their list of Most Admired Companies Of 2015. 

Something I noticed is that the majority, if not all these companies are a very solid purpose, mission and vision statement for their company and individual brands. They all know where they have come from and where they are going!

Rodan &* Fields NOT up for sale… Although Rumors say it’s so!

Home_Carousel_Doctors_FINI talked with a high-ranking insider and was informed that R&F is NOT for sale! They did say the company was totally excited for being named one of the most innovative companies and the second fastest growing inside the skin care industry!



Zayd_alzayani_5_0An interesting turn of events has taken place when the Bahrain Minister of Industry and Commerce today issued edict 2/2015, banning hierarchical and network marketing. 

I hope the World Federation of Direct Selling will be able to send deligates to explain how network marketing is a viable marketing channel for businesses internationally.


avon_logoAvon has announced it will Cease Operations in 16 Caribbean Territories!

SAN JUAN – Cosmetics giant Avon has decided to cease operations in 16 Caribbean territories as it works to restore its core business in the United States, a spokeswoman confirmed to Efe on Tuesday.

story_wide-1424200427Mary Kay announced that the star of the hit TV show, “Jessie” Debbie Ryan will become the spokesperson for their cause is stopping “dating Abuse”. 

“It’s horrifying to know how many young people deal with abusive relationships and how much goes unmentioned,” said Ryan. “I know firsthand how alone you can feel when you’re being broken down in a relationship and forced to defend it or stay silent. Just being able to send a text message is anonymous and safe. Mary Kay and I believe that everyone deserves a safe, healthy relationship that makes you stronger and better and I want to make sure people know how to get the help they need.”

eatyPremium Beauty News released it’s hottest cosmetic trends in the US with some interesting results.

Eclectic Beauty is the signature of this prospective vision divided into six universes and presented in the form of inspiration boards. “‘Eclectic’, because there is a true desire to live a life of changes and self-staging. We have witnessed the birth of a chameleon beauty which gets shared and staged,” explains Leïla Rochet-Podvin. The phenomenon is intensified by a younger generation fed on social networks, YouTube, and especially Instagram. “Brands do not represent the major part of expression on YouTube: it is mostly content creators who speak up. Instagram is now playing a significant role, and all this puts an emphasis on self-image,” she concludes.

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