What Can The Direct Selling Community Learn From NASCAR On Compliance

If you have followed me for any length of time or attended a DS Edge Educational Conference, then you know I use NASCAR for a backdrop and comparison point when talking about Direct Selling.

Well in the latest actions by NASCAR on tire tampering, I see once again a great educational lesson that can be learned on self-policing and holding people accountable for their actions.

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Unlike Network Marketing, NASCAR has outgrown it’s early days of controversy, where the South’s best Ridge Runners (those who transported illegal Moonshine, from the Still sites, to the Speakeasies), decided to get together to see who was really the best. Back then there were no rules, and everything was acceptable. It was win and win at all costs, kind of like network marketing seems to be today! But what if…

NASCARAs I reviewed the outcome of what the NASCAR Compliance Team just did for the sport I realized that once again the Direct Selling Industry, and Network Marketing Community has a lesson to learn.

With the SEC now holding Gate Keepers accountable, it’s time those in a position of influence start fulfilling their responsibilities.

In this example of compliance from the NASCAR, we see where a Pit Crew made a decision to break the rules and it cost the whole team:

Crew Chief – Fined $125K and suspended for at least 6 races

Crew Members – Suspended for several races

Owner & Driver – Ripped of 75 points, moved from 6th place to 26th place in the standings

Reputation – A priceless hit!

This one P5 penalty could cost the team millions in lost sponsorships, lost races and who knows what else.

So What If…

…The DSA, ANMP, MLMIA took a stand and started holding their members and the member’s field forces accountable for their actions?

…The company owners took a stand and held their independent professionals, from the top down accountable for their actions?

…The If the independent professionals started holding each other accountable?

…The Attorneys and Financial teams started holding each other accountable?

…The Formulators started raising the bar and refused to formulate inferior formulas?

…The Merchant Service Processors refused to process questionable transactions?

…The compensation plan designers stopped designing questionable comp plans?

…The Software Venders refused to program compensation structures they can see are money games?

…The network marketing community stopped HYPING the products and money stories?

…We stopped thinking “it will never happen to me” and start thinking “I never what this to happen to me?”

…We ALL Took A Stand And Held Each Other Accountable? 


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