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Much has been written about Wendy and Randy Lewis, and the company they founded, Jeunesse Global. But, what about the hundreds of thousands of average everyday home-based entrepreneurs who are independent professionals marketing Instantly Ageless the flagship product, and building a team of other independent sales and marketing professionals?

Who is Jenny Caldwell? 

I met Jenny Caldwell a couple of months ago while I was covering a controversial Jeunesse issue and used a Facebook post, of a corporate image of Ms. Caldwell, which had been doctored a little with additional text (not by her, but by a raving fan of hers.) However, even the best intentions can go wrong, and before you know it, I received a private message which stated out “Shame on you!”

Well I don’t get many messages that stat out with “shame on you,” so it truly caught my attention. I read her sincere message, and went and reviewed my post. I quickly saw where the confusion was coming from, and responded to her, that I would remove the image of her, as well as any mention of her in the article.


But, the story doesn’t end there; it’s just the beginning. From that point forward, Jenny Caldwell and I struck up an online friendship. Her life is remarkable, not just as a female living in America, but as a leader who has touched countless lives as she fulfills her purpose in life.

As I listened to her share, and read about her life, I quickly realized, this young lady and her husband Shawn, truly realized that Jeunesse and network marketing as a whole, is not the endgame, but is the vehicle to help them fulfill their purpose as well as the dreams and objectives they have as a company for their family.

I asked her “why Jeunesse?” With her background and influence she could rock with any company, but Jeunesse Global is what caught her attention… Why?

I had joined a couple of other MLMs but primarily for the discount. I just could not wrap my mind around the fact that people could make a full time income in network marketing although I knew people who did it.

Shawn and I had both discussed how we could see that it would be beneficial to join a company when it was fairly new, yet you rarely hear about those when they are new. When I learned about the Jeunesse opportunity-, it seemed like a perfect fit. It was a ground floor opportunity in the United States with a global platform (How awesome is that? Most people seem to start in the US and then expand internationally).

The anti-aging market is huge! With me being almost 42, it seems like everyone that I know is fighting aging all the way! Instantly Ageless- You could see a product that works faster than you can finish your drink of coffee yet the other products in sync and have just as much success as Instantly Ageless.

Overall- Because I want to empower people to be the BEST that they can be, Jeunesse seems to be another way to do that and carry out that mission. I’ve seen lives changed with finances, health, self-esteem, or just meeting new people. It has allowed us more flexibility and options in how we live our lives going forward.

What truly caught my attention was “I want to empower people to be the BEST that the can be!”

Unlike many who just write fluff answers, this one really is built on the foundation of Caldwell’s life.

jenny-ozment-caldwell-armbristerNow don’t get me wrong, like most of us Jenny wasn’t on some life mission to change the world as she came into this world. But by age twelve she started to realize her first real dream – To become a Flight Attendant. So after graduating college off she went to New York City, to be a Flight Attendant.

Talk about a risk taker. First let’s leave a town of around 5K and move to NYC, where that many folks live in one or two buildings in that city!

However, like all of us, some life experience causes us to reflect on what our true calling is, and we start on an epic adventure to fulfill that calling in our heart. For Jenny Caldwell, it was watching people on the flights and realizing people are hurting. But, the catalyst came when a high school classmate committed suicide that she realized her next move.

Today, she EMPOWERS (remember her purpose above) teens and adults, primarily in areas of grief, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, and divorce. She truly enjoys helping blended families and coparenting challenges. This is a lady who doesn’t just have the education and licenses; she has walked down life path, and her experiences give her an empathy to impact the heart, and not just talk to the head!

Some of you may be wondering… With this success outside of network marketing, why get involved with any company, let alone Jeunesse? I’m glad you asked! 🙂

Jenny_Shawn_03Jenny and Shawn, like many of us have dreams and goals they want to hit as a company. Things that will make their family’s live fun and exciting. In January of 2015, they realized that if they had some additional money, they could leverage it against a rocking solid real estate deal they were involved.

So she did what most God-lovin’ G.R.I.T.S.  (Girl’s Raised In The South) do, she prayed and asked for the Lord for some guidance and door opening opportunities. And being married to a G.R.I.T.S.  Myself the next part doesn’t surprise me at all. Same day a longtime acquaintance (not a close friend, or family member), not a HOT market, but someone in the warm market, reached out to her about Jeunesse.

In her first month, she went Sapphire in Jeunesse and started towards the goal they were looking for financially for their real estate deal. Today, with continued hard work, coaching her team, and most of all EMPOWERING people, Jenny Caldwell and her family enjoy a second or maybe third “full-time income.”

But, more than that… They are living their dreams together! Congrats Jenny Caldwell!


Disclaimer: Neither Jeunesse Global or Jenny Caldwell, reviewed or edited this article before publication. The information contained within this article, and video is the sole responsibility and opinion of the Troy Dooly.


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