Eight Pillars For Building A Successful Organization

A few years ago I read a book by David Horsager, titled The Trust Edge that left a lasting impression. I have adapted what David taught and expounded on it in helping my clients and others grow unwavering trust in their organizations.

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I have taken Horsager’s basic thoughts and used their as the foundation to help entrepreneurs in business, and ministry to build not just a solid foundation, but the pillars they need to hold up the roof of their organizations.


  1. Clarity – People trust a clear message, and will turnoff to hype and rhetoric.
  2. Compassion – People put their trust in to leaders who they see as givers. Leaders who care about serving others more than serving themselves.
  3. Character – People trust those take the right road, not the easy road. Even when the consequences cost them dearly.
  4. Competency – People gain confidence and trust in leaders who they see growing and learning themselves. Knowledge isn’t the power, it’s the wisdom one gains from their knowledge.
  5. Commitment – People will follow leaders who stand their ground on principle and what is right. It’s through adversity that unconditional trust is born.
  6. Connection – People would rather hang out with, buy from, and follow leaders who are also their friends. Build community, not just an organization.
  7. Contribution – People are not looking for excuses for failures, they are looking for difference makers. They want to know that if they give trust, it will be rewarded with positive results.
  8. Consistency – People want to know the leader is dotting their “I’s” and crossing their “T’s”. When we are consistent in the little things we do and say, then people trust us to follow through on our big promises.

Safe this resource for more information.

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