Accountability 101: What The FTC Calls An Income Or Lifestyle Claims

Respect & Trust .vs Income & Lifestyle Claims

Accountability 101: Respect & Trust .vs Income & Lifestyle Claims from Troy Dooly on Vimeo.

Why do you use income and lifestyle claims? 

The three significant Federal Trade Commission documents you should print off and keep with you at all times are:

The FTC Policy Statement On Deception

The FTC Business Opportunity Rule

The FTC Dot Com Disclosure Rule

Eight Pillars For Building A Successful Organization

A few years ago I read a book by David Horsager, titled The Trust Edge that left a lasting impression. I have adapted what David taught and expounded on it in helping my clients and others grow unwavering trust in their organizations.

Eight Pillars In Building A Successful Organization from Troy Dooly on Vimeo.

Tony Robbins On The Power Of Direct Sales

Eric Worre Interviews Tony Robbins On The Power Of Network Marketing

Eric Worre had the opportunity to interview Tony Robbins this week on the power of network marketing. 

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The Story Behind Jenny Caldwell – Jeunesse Global Sapphire

Much has been written about Wendy and Randy Lewis, and the company they founded, Jeunesse Global. But, what about the hundreds of thousands of average everyday home-based entrepreneurs who are independent professionals marketing Instantly Ageless the flagship product, and building a team of other independent sales and marketing professionals?

Who is Jenny Caldwell? 

I met Jenny Caldwell a couple of months ago while I was covering a controversial Jeunesse issue and used a Facebook post, of a corporate image of Ms. Caldwell, which had been doctored a little with additional text (not by her, but by a raving fan of hers.) However, even the best intentions can go wrong, and before you know it, I received a private message which stated out “Shame on you!”

Well I don’t get many messages that stat out with “shame on you,” so it truly caught my attention. I read her sincere message, and went and reviewed my post. I quickly saw where the confusion was coming from, and responded to her, that I would remove the image of her, as well as any mention of her in the article.


But, the story doesn’t end there; it’s just the beginning. From that point forward, Jenny Caldwell and I struck up an online friendship. Her life is remarkable, not just as a female living in America, but as a leader who has touched countless lives as she fulfills her purpose in life.

Why Do We Use Loopholes To Skirt Our Ethical Responsibilities?

Looking for loopholes comes naturally for those of us in business today. Actually it starts long before we get into business. It starts, when we are kids, and we look for loopholes in doing our homework, being home by curfew, or even cheating on our tests. I think it boils down to the fact, we never learn the dif- ference in the “letter of the law” and the “spirit of the law.”

Shakespeare wrote several plays dealing with the letter vs. spirit antithesis, most times coming down on the side of “spirit.” We can even see this issue when it comes to the interpretations of the U.S. Constitution which have historically divided on the “Letter vs. Spirit” debate.

Start With Why! What Does That Really Mean?

In network marketing we hear the question “What’s your why?” Yet have you ever really given much thought as to what the question really means to you or even how to even figure it out?

However, this is not a question we hear from the guidance counselor when we enroll for college, nor do we hear it from the HR Director when they interview us for a job. So, to hear it when we are looking to start a home business, may catch us by surprise and the answer we give may not be accurate.

If we do not know our WHY, then we are bound to repeat some of the same mistakes that have caused us frustrations in the past. Such as not fulfilling our goals, quitting at the first sign of rejection or worse yet, disappearing completely because we do not want folks to think we have failed once again.

So, how can we find the real answer to the question “What is your WHY?” I say we start with realizing what the basic question is asking.

Brandjacking aka Subterfuge Marketing An Acceptable Marketing Practice?

Let me open with asking this question – “Is Brandjacking and/or subterfuge marketing an ethical and legal way to build your personal or corporate brand?”

Wikipedia defines brandjacking as follows:

Brandjacking is an activity whereby someone acquires or otherwise assumes the online identity of another entity for the purposes of acquiring that person’s or business’s brand equity.

Millennials Don’t Want To Be Manipulated They Want To Be Mentored

By 2020 more than 86 million millennials will flood the workforce taking over 40% of all jobs. Now if we know this fact, then we need to figure out the answers to two very important questions…

1. What do millennials want and need to become part of our corporate cultures longterm?

2. What do we need to learn from millennials to make our organizations attractive to them?