Beware Of Recruiting Your Competitor’s Sales Leaders

Cross-Recruiting Is The Death Of Some Direct Selling Companies


Wouldn’t it be a blast if, like horse breeders we could cross breed strong powerful sales leaders, and within a few months they would start duplicating and producing other great sales leaders and before you know it, our home-based or small enterprise will have become the next media sensation? Yet, at times I think that’s exactly what many home-based and small entrepreneurs think will happen when they go after sales folks in their competitors pastures.

Eight Pillars For Building A Successful Organization

A few years ago I read a book by David Horsager, titled The Trust Edge that left a lasting impression. I have adapted what David taught and expounded on it in helping my clients and others grow unwavering trust in their organizations.

Eight Pillars In Building A Successful Organization from Troy Dooly on Vimeo.

Six Strategies To Answer Any Objection From Clients & Prospects

How To Overcome Any Sales Objection

Target Your Customers

Target Your Customers

You just crossed the finish line and got the checkered flag. This was the best presentation you have ever given. The prospects were engaged, their eyes lit up when you shared all the benefits, and you know the close is in the bag. And as you pull out the pen and turn the agreement around for them to sign, they lean back and say, “I have a few questions”, but what you hear is “I have some objections.” So what do you do?

  1. Don’t see an objection see a question. Although the objection might sound like a verbal attack on what you just shared, brush it off and rephrase what they just said back as a question. If their objection was phrased as a question, then provide a direct answer by sharing the benefits you will provide them.
  1. Turn their objections into reasons for buying. One common objection in any sales situation is “The price is high, or why is your prices so high?” Don’t back away from this objection, instead share confidently that at times higher prices is a sure sign of higher value! And if you have done your homework or are observing your prospect, you can use something you have observed they already value and use that as an example.

How to Create a Culture of Excellence

It always amazes me how leaders inside the home business profession try and dictate team culture instead of influencing it. From company executives to top field leaders, I still come across folks who believe that based on their “rank” they have earned the right to lead, when the reality is, they are just dictatorial managers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe the majority of these folks are trying to sabotage their success or their team’s growth. I believe that in the majority of cases, people are just following the status quo of traditional business.

So, how do we stop dictating our team culture and start inflicting it?

How To Weather Home Business Disruptions Successfully

Even when facing uncertainty, some home business professionals know how to anticipate the unforeseen, plan a response, and continue navigating towards success. Why can’t you can do the same!

Sooner or later, every home business entrepreneur faces disruption in their business. It can be caused by a downward slide in the competitive edge, a shift in the regulatory environment, or their marketing company cutting the compensation. No matter what the underlying cause, the home business entrepreneur must learn to manage the disruption.

Don't Bury Your Head In The Sand

The most successful home business entrepreneurs don’t stick their head in the sand, leaving their assets exposed. Instead they go in flying high reviewing all the dynamics of their business, and create a plan for the worst case situation.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT talking about going around crying “the sky is falling.” I am talking about a laser focus on where you want your business to go, and making sure NOTHING will stand in the way.

Brandjacking aka Subterfuge Marketing An Acceptable Marketing Practice?

Let me open with asking this question – “Is Brandjacking and/or subterfuge marketing an ethical and legal way to build your personal or corporate brand?”

Wikipedia defines brandjacking as follows:

Brandjacking is an activity whereby someone acquires or otherwise assumes the online identity of another entity for the purposes of acquiring that person’s or business’s brand equity.